Hi there

I'm sure this isn't what you're used to seeing on this blog

But I'm so sorry to say that this blog is closed

I closed this blog a long time ago and it was the right decision, but because people kept finding me and following me and sending me questions, I felt guilty and I decided to come back

And I thought that things would be better when I came back and I could love this blog again but lately it feels like a responsibility that I can't hold onto

I felt guilty because I went on a "holiday hiatus" when I really just needed a break and I thought I was gonna come back but this blog is too much for me

And it seems like it's just a blog but I made this blog when I was depressed and I'm not so depressed anymore so it feels wrong to keep this up and I don't want to make these things that make me sad because I don't want to be dragged down again

I'm sorry that I'm rambling but I felt the need to explain myself

To all the people who reblogged my posts and followed me over the years, thank you very very much, I really appreciate it, because you people were a great support system when I was going through a hard time in my life

So this is me saying goodbye, thanks for the support